Alt.Net 2011

Seattle Conference

Open Source Track

Enabling Open Source Participation

It can be intimidating to try to contribute code to an open source project for the first time and so many developers just don't. Feature and bug requests are frictionless however and thus many are received, perhaps even more than OSS leaders can handle at times.

We are helping open source project leaders to enable community participation at this year's conference and need your help. We need someone from your project to hold a session where you can help developers to:

  1. Download the latest source
  2. Build it on their local machines (and run all tests!)
  3. Publish their changes to whatever approval process is in place

All you need to do is show up and make yourself available. In addition, a nicety would be for you to get in touch with Justin Bozonier at so we can ensure that we're set up to help you in every way we can.

Represented Projects